Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off to the wide and long sea...

After three years long preparing, me and my fellow ship mates have finally finished packing to leave. I am Eréndira, and you can visit me at my blog to catch up on what I do. I have joined my close friends Zora, Nadine, Agent Pizza and Chizu on a quest that we are not sure what we will find. The estimated travel time will be around nine years we estimate. We have been preparing to miss all that we have to leave behind.

Nadine, of course, will miss her friends and family in Loch Ness Monster more than she can say, an not to mention skiing. I will miss planting seeds and doing my sheep duties in Andorra. Agent Pizza has been working for nearly four and a half years on wiring a phone system through Encyclophobaticsburg, so he doesn't miss any events there. He conveniently forgot to hook the system to the boat so it is very near pointless. Chizu has left Antarctica, but it took her three months to criss-cross the continent and say farewell to all the penguins and whatever else she met there. Zora has kept quiet about what she will miss, but we can tell she is sad because whenever she speaks it sounds like a horn.

Our voyage will begin about as many days as it takes so stay tuned! -Eréndira