Saturday, May 23, 2009

Could it Get Any Worese? Apparently So.

Today was mostly Gusto's very unlucky day. It was an unlucky day for all of us except Erendira. She had a cold so could not come. Nadine, Agent Pizza, Gusto,Chitzu, and me were all going to have a great day of games and races. Everything we all did turned into a disaster. I shall tell the story.

Today April 24th we decided to dock the ship on the shore. The island that we docked on was full of life and trees with HUGE coconuts on them. We fist had breakfast on the island. Gusto was to fetch some tasty fire crabs and bring them to eat. He came back from the quest with 3 fire crabs and disintegrating tail feathers.No tail feathers actually. He lost all of his tail feathers. Anyway, After that we had a game of baseball. Gusto was left Field under a coconut tree. he was prepared to catch the ball in his large beak. It was Agent Pizza up to bat and he whacked the ball into the trees where Gusto was. No one could tell is gusto had Caught it because an avalanche of coconuts fell on him and blocked are view.

We decided to stop playing after that. instead I found a nice pinata that looked the same as a bee hive. Awesome! a good pinata. Nadine was the first to hit the pinata. She thought she could hear a odd buzzing, but hit the pinata.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

I think that that's a pirate, but it could be a tomato

Today, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to organize the ship a little. Ever since Gusto (you can just tell it will be bad after hearing that name) Accidentally fired an upside down cannon, I had noticed that the Ship seemed a little closer to the water each day. Another weird thing was that I couldn't find the lower deck. I searched everywhere for it, and only found the door, which had rusted shut for some reason. I saw that it was a little wet under the floor, though. Maybe Nadine spilled some of her "Loch Ness Monster Fresh Bottled Water" again. She insisted on drinking only that, even though I told her that it said "Un-filtered from swamp. Bottled in Russia" in small print, but she didn't care. Anyway, whenever the ship jerked, she spilled it all over.

After a few more days, I realized that the second to lowest deck was missing as well. I called a conference, and we investigated the matter. We soon realized that there was a hole going straight down, and that the water was higher in there than it should be. I remembered that this was the spot where Gusto had fired the cannon.

After a few days, we had it all fixed up. Most of us agreed on punisheing Gusto, but whenever we tried, he mysteriously vanished, and chizu became very annoyed with anybody who walked anywhere near her closet. This was quite a few of us, since we were trying to investigate why the closet was making bird noises. Oh well.