Friday, March 13, 2009

Very Secret Do Not Tell

Since the arrival of a so called "box of pencils" which turned out to be Agent Pizza on his way home from Encyclophobaticsburg, the ship has been very busy. I am sad to say that when the boat sunk next to Tiki Beach, my horn collection lost 3% of the horns and now I only have 767,469,402,766 horns left. I have placed the remaining horns in a safe on the third deck passed the 4th door and in the coat closet. The safe has a secret code. I don't want to think about what could happen if the code got out! It would mean devastation to my life if the code was passed and my horns were stolen. The safe is hidden very well. I have no doubt that it will remain a secret as long as I don't tell the location of the safe or the code I think the remaining 767,469,402,766 horns will be safe. Here is the code that you souled enter to get into the safe: 91747325.

15 minutes later: Oh my!!! Someone broke into the safe! I don't know how they did it. It's not like I shouted "The code that you should enter to get into the safe is:91747325 and the safe is located on the third deck passed the 4th door and in the coat closet!"


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back to the boat

I have now come back to the boat, as the Encyclophobaticsburg meeting is finished. I presented all my ideas, Especially the automatic Penguin Boiler, and the Panel of judges awarded me my prize, a 1st place golden medal of honor, distinction, awesomeness, greatness, you get the idea. So i returned to the boat, which took a long time. This is what happened. 

I started by using the subway to go to the Encyclophobaticsburg Airport, So that I could fly to somewhere near the boat, but the train crashed through the wall and into the old abandoned mines. We sped along the mining cart tracks until we burst out into the open, flew high up in the air, and fell through the skylight of a Pencil Factory. After a little while, we noticed that 1. the Train wasn't hurt in the slightest and 2. we appeared to be moving. Further inspection showed that we were on a conveyer belt. Ahead was a large machine that seemed to be inserting pencil erasers on. After a short hailstorm of pencil erasers, we emerged out the other end and noticed that the train still wasn't hurt. Then, we also saw a packaging machine. Just before we went in, one of the passengers opened up a door, and everybody ran out. I was the last one, and I was about to leave, when the train went into the machine and the door was pushed closed. Soon the windows were covered with labeling that said "Encyclophobaticsburg pencils" on it. I was then dumped out of a chute into a big truck. It drove to various locations, dropping off the pencils. Finally, when there was only 40 packages of pencils and one Subway Train left, he drove to the airport and the truck's end lifted, dumping me into a cargo plane. After a long time, we arrived at the first stop, and then the second, and the third. Each time, the Pencils were dropped off automatically, so nobody noticed the unusually large package. Finally, I stopped at a seaside city. My package was dropped off into another truck, which went to certain locations, delivering pencils. Finally, It stopped at the dock, which I guessed was because a sailor had ordered some pencils. The package was automatically (why is everything automatic these days?) dumped onto the ground and the truck drove away. After quite a while, I heard somebody approach. They looked at the package and said something like "Wow, I didn't order this many pencils, did I?" and started pushing the load. It felt like I was being pushed up a plank, and I heard somebody say "Oh, Gus Gus! Your package is here!" and some mild groans from other people. Suddenly, I heard a ripping sound, And saw throught one of the windows that a beak had appeared and was ripping away at the paper. It seemed to be taking quite a while. After about Half an hour, I heard someone say "Um, I think he might want a little help..." , but another voice quickly said "I'm sure he can do it! It's his present, after all!" I had to wait another two hours before The crack was large enough that the sailors could see that the thing inside was metallic. I heard a gasp, and somebody started ripping at the paper, despite protests from whoever had been defending this "Gus Gus". In a few Seconds, I realized that this was Zora, Nadine, Erendira, Chizu, and her dreaded Penguin Gusto. They let me out, but instead of asking if I was all right, scolded me for being late, and left. Oh well, atleast I am finally here.