Friday, April 10, 2009

A fun Trip?

I went on a trip today. My destination was Belaroose Condafure Russia to drop off my remaining horns after that last disaster with them. I ended up on a snow board on Mount Boiler though! I shall explain how i got from a ship to a snow board, right now. (3,000 seconds pass)

Well it started as a normal day. As usual Agent Pizza mistook Gusto as a ugly duck and lunched him off the ship from a cannon and Chizu through out a life boat. Nadine was on her four week ski trip and Eréndira was napping. I had are spare cannon launcher for my departure ready. This was are last cannon so my departure had to be perfect or we would have to find another way to get my out of the ship.It went smoothly until Gusto lit the fuse in the middle so the fire went up and not down. I got out of the cannon to help him get it right and of coerce the moment i got out of the cannon the fuse burned down and the cannon left without me.

Gusto was so mad that i had not been able to leave that he made me a small air balloon. I know i should not have trusted him but i was in a hurry. i got in the air balloon and i took off. It got me to Elf Center and then let just say I lost my stomach up in the clouds for a bit. Then of coerce I had to get something to eat! My favorite food is artichokes. I found a nice place to eat. The waiter laughed so hard when he saw me that he fell into a pile horse dung. He had a strangely familiar face. He was small soaking wet and had a nose like a penguin.hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm. After my dinner. I decide to find Nadine as She was skiing on Mount Boiler. I was on top of Mount Boiler. I got all bundled up for a trip down the Mountain and got a snow board. I started down on the board. It was only then that i realized that Mount Boiler is 120 degrees. It's boiling acutely. Maybe that is why it is called Mount Boiler. Anyway i realized that i was snow boarding on dirt and not snow. I suppose i was dirt boarding.........

It was a slow procession though. I found Nadine Skiing in the dirt over by a very large hump in the mountain. Did i mention this Mountain is a highly active volcano. well know i have and just in time to. The hump exploded and me and Nadine found ourselves flying through the air. We landed on the ship and Gusto had an apron on that had a picture of an artichoke. It was strange.