Sunday, February 15, 2009

Accidents Happen When Gusto is Around

I am going to tell you what wonderful I mean horrible thing happened this morning. I was pacing about my room looking at my spotless spotted horn collection when Chizu came in and told me that Gusto was to have a party. She said that unfortunately Agent Pizza had a meeting in Enclophobaticsburg and he could not come to the party. Nadine was writing to her many corespondents and didn't have time for little Gusto's party. Eréndira had been very sick that day and had planed to help out with the ship. Upon hearing the Gusto was to have a party she immediately went fishing for sea goats. Chizu was very said because no one could come to the party.I didn't want to go to that pest Gusto's party. I made an excuse to clean my spotless spotted horn collection and told her I couldn't come to the party. 5 hours later I came on to the deck,Chizu hurried forward and said that Gusto had received a golf ball from Nadine,a toothpick from Eréndira ,a tree branch with poisonous thorns from Agent Pizza and a refrigerated Jacuzzi from Chizu. She accused me of not getting him anything so I hastily pulled a nail from the ships floor and gave it to Gusto. We approached the Tiki beach and Gusto got into his Jacuzzi. He didn't relax for long because at that moment Chizu apreard and informed us that there was a nail missing in the ships floor and now Gustos cabin was under water.

My hero!

I thought I would post something that is very important to our voyage. I am just so proud of young Gusto and how well he has coped with the journey. He is always working so hard on the ship whether eating his food or sleeping, I don't know how he can get so much done. The whole crew is in awe of him I can just tell. Today we held a "Thank you Gusto" celebration on deck. I was the only one able to attend which was a sad thing. Everyone else was either very busy with the ship or away. They are all so upset to have missed it, I think I will have to have another one.

Agent Pizza is of course in Encyclophobaticsburg and I am sure he felt very bad about missing the "Thank you Gusto" party. He was supposed to come back yesterday, but according to Zora he had extended his visit to attend a government meeting. Eréndira has been very sick all week and hasn't left the boat once. Today, however, she went to go fish for seagoats during the party, and returned five minutes later with nothing. Zora went to go polish her horn collection and Nadine was busy writing a letter to Carmo Del Suit and many other of her correspondents.

Gusto seemed to have a good time at his party and was very modest during the reading of his acomplishments. The list consisted of two things: When he was one month old he found a clam for his family and when he was 2 years old he healed a small cut on his wing. Gusto was so modest I teared up. You know what he said when his lengthy list of life accomplishments was read? He said "I did so much to help people and all I got in thanks was 2 million dollars, which I lost on the way to school". At this pronouncement I abanded the formalness of hte proceedings and gave him a hug. Zora came in from polishing her horms and accidentally knocked him off the boat. She suddenly remembered that she had one last horn to polish and ran away before Gusto was saved.

I will tell all of you the date of the next meeting to thank Gusto! We must give him some kind of gift to thank him for all his gifts to society! Maybe that warm bed Agent is making will work.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today, we encountered an enourmous Tsunami. It was enourmous. Anyway, I was thinking about the meaning of life, and a large gorilla fell out of the sky. I soon realized that Hot Dog Silver was using catapults to fling Gorillas at us. I soon realized that I hadn't lectured Anyone that day, And I once again strapped on my beach ball skees, and sped over. As soon as I started my 4,000,567 word Prologue, Hot Dog silver left. I was very sad, but I soon realized my phone was ringing. It turned out that Encyclophobaticsburg was in desperate need of me. I am currently on my way there now, and I will not be able to post for a while on this blog.