Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the Festival of the Dancing Turnips

Today was a very horrible day. First, I fell into the Basilisk Lagoon during our visit to Krakanakalakarak Beach (next to Tiki Beach). It was a horrible experience, since that day was the Festival of the Dancing Turnip. During this important ceremony, the natives heat the water of Basilisk Lagoon to high temperatures, then toss turnips into the boiling waters. The turnips bounce around because of all the bubbles, and it is said that for every extra minute it takes for a turnip to bounce out and onto the basilisk statue, a day of storms will occur. Let me tell you, sitting in boiling water while being pelted with turnips is NOT a fun experience. Finally, I got tired of waiting for them to finish dancing and notice me, so I grabbed a turnip near me and threw it at the statue. As soon as the hollow "BONG" emanated from the basilisk, everybody was still. Someone who appeared to be the leader stepped forward with an hourglass. He shouted "The turnips have spoken! There shall be 51 weeks of storms this year!" The rest of the villagers seemed a little dissapointed at the long amount of storms they would have to endure, but started celebrating all the same.

After almost everyone had returned to their huts, Chizu finally found me. We all returned to the ship.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Something Fishy

Hello all! This is Zora.

Last night i had a dream. in the dream,i was standing on the boat deck, looking out at the sea. Then i had a sudden impulse to jump of the boat. so i did. as i was soring through the air, i heard the words ''When you eat a Tomato, you now the worst is coming"

As i hit the water,I woke suddenly. What a strange dream. it was then that i realized it was morning. I went out on the deck, hungry. I spotted Chitzu. "What are we have to eat?"

"Oh, Gusto was so sweet, he has made us a wonderful tomato salad with tomato's on the side. Some tomato soup, tomato juice." "and for desert some awesome tomato fondue."