Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transmission Unknown.

The sea had been calm for a long while when we woke up to the sound of someone trying to contact us by radio. I picked up the transmission and typed in the code and called all the passengers to see why this boat was trying to contact us. Here is the transcript:

CrankY2: Hello. Hello. Please is anyone there?
Mlnsrstrng(Chizu): YES! Please speak!!!
CrankY2: Is your boat near?
Mlnststrng(Nadine): You block of Cheddah cheese, how do you expect us to know if WE are near YOUR boat?????
Mlnsrstrng(Agent): Uhhh yeah. She's got a point.
CrankY2: OMG I am so sorry, it is just that... disaster has struck our boat.
Mlnsrstrng(Zora): honk. honk HONK!!!
Mlnsrstrng(everyone else): Sorry about that!
Mlnsrstrng(Erendira): So tell us what is up with yo boat?
CrankY2: It capsized and I am all alone.
Mlnsrstrng(Agent): How much food do you have with you? because if you give us yor address we can send you our last piece of fish.
CrankY2: Ooooh a plane has come to save me. Thanks for your help!
Mlnsrstrg(Nadine): Did we send a plane?
Mlnsrstrg(Gusto, Agent, Erendira, Chizu): No I don't think so.
Mlnsrstrg(Zora): HONK!
Mlnsrstrg(Gusto, Agent, Erendira, Chizu): ZORA SENT THE PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CrankY2: You have saved my boat, my life, my possesions, my stamp collection... I don't know how to thank you.
Mlnsrstrg( Agent): Wait uhh, didn't you say your boat capsized?
CrankY2: Oh... yeah DARN how did I FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mlnsrstrg( Erendira): Wait aren't you on your 'boat' now??

Mlnsrstrg(Gusto, Agent, Erendira, Chizu): Catch ya on the flip side yo!
Mlnsrstrg(Zora): HONK honk HONK!!!
CrankY2: See ya good chappzzz.

Weird huh? That is what we woke up to. I am still wondering what to make of it.