Sunday, February 15, 2009

Accidents Happen When Gusto is Around

I am going to tell you what wonderful I mean horrible thing happened this morning. I was pacing about my room looking at my spotless spotted horn collection when Chizu came in and told me that Gusto was to have a party. She said that unfortunately Agent Pizza had a meeting in Enclophobaticsburg and he could not come to the party. Nadine was writing to her many corespondents and didn't have time for little Gusto's party. Eréndira had been very sick that day and had planed to help out with the ship. Upon hearing the Gusto was to have a party she immediately went fishing for sea goats. Chizu was very said because no one could come to the party.I didn't want to go to that pest Gusto's party. I made an excuse to clean my spotless spotted horn collection and told her I couldn't come to the party. 5 hours later I came on to the deck,Chizu hurried forward and said that Gusto had received a golf ball from Nadine,a toothpick from Eréndira ,a tree branch with poisonous thorns from Agent Pizza and a refrigerated Jacuzzi from Chizu. She accused me of not getting him anything so I hastily pulled a nail from the ships floor and gave it to Gusto. We approached the Tiki beach and Gusto got into his Jacuzzi. He didn't relax for long because at that moment Chizu apreard and informed us that there was a nail missing in the ships floor and now Gustos cabin was under water.

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Tia said...

You guys live in Russia!!!!! That is so cool