Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Something Fishy

Hello all! This is Zora.

Last night i had a dream. in the dream,i was standing on the boat deck, looking out at the sea. Then i had a sudden impulse to jump of the boat. so i did. as i was soring through the air, i heard the words ''When you eat a Tomato, you now the worst is coming"

As i hit the water,I woke suddenly. What a strange dream. it was then that i realized it was morning. I went out on the deck, hungry. I spotted Chitzu. "What are we have to eat?"

"Oh, Gusto was so sweet, he has made us a wonderful tomato salad with tomato's on the side. Some tomato soup, tomato juice." "and for desert some awesome tomato fondue."


Bob the Great said...

I can just hear the Jaws theme playing...

Snargo B. Endiall said...

Grape Donuts are SOOO out of style!