Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long time no see

It seems that i have said this to many times but once again, we have not posted in a while. well in the time that you have stayed up late wondering with batted breath what has happened out on the high seas, not many things have happened.

  1. Gusto met an owl named Yambaoe.

  2. I invented a pencil sharpener made out of silly puddy.

  3. Agent Pizza realized that friing pans are used to fri things.

  4. Nadine learned the difference between under water volcano's and ant hills (big difference).

In fact lets talk about the difference between volcano's and ant hills shall we. well, you may not know this but Nadine considers her self an expert mapper. just like we consider Agent Pizza an expert napper. But anyway, Nadine made a map of our coerce on the sea before we even got on the boat. it describes regions and under water places. the map is 7x16 long. two weeks ago, Nadine was studying the map and she informed us that she was confused about something on the map. "When it rained yesterday some water fell on the Key and I don't remember what this symbol ^^^^^^^^^means" Nadine thought hard and then cried"Ant hills, that's it! According to the map we are now crossing over a city of ant hills!"

"Why!"said chitzu "how interesting, i have never heard of under water ant hills!"

Chitzu is wise i thought because in moments we discovered that Nadine was mistaken about the symbol ^^^^^^^. It actually meant


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Anonymous said...

Hooray for volcanos!