Sunday, October 10, 2010

I went on a Walk with my bird

Many would argue that "you can't go on a walk with your bird" well turns out you can. If you don't believe me look it up in the "going on a walk with your bird" encyclopedia. Its true. see i was getting tired of microwaving chili peppers in the refrigerator so i decided to go on a walk. you may recall that we are currently on a boat so my walk ended up being across the deck and back. Then a large dump truck arrived and deposited approximately 122,231,557,098,676,000000 oranges into the bathtub. Why he did this is confidential information and will only be given to people with AA battery flashlights.

I was greatly weakened and went to take a nap. Upon arriving at my bed, i realized i had previously stuffed my pillow case with vultures so as not to attract mice. This proved a problem and so i abandoned my plan and headed out to attend a 6:00 baseball game in the chamber of secrets. I soon realized this would not be possible so i went to my room to take a nap. I was astounded to find that my pillow case was some how stuffed with vultures. I descended into the lower chambers of the boat and placed a call to the VULTURE REMOVAL SQUAD. They agreed to come to my aid at once and i thanked them deeply. As i was coming up the stairs i tripped over a giraffe disguised as a cat, and fell through a trap door. I had not realized this was here until shortly after i discovered it. I was very curious and at once remembered that a trap door in a boat could possibly lead to a hidden treasure chest filled with chalk. As i proceeded down the dark tunnel i suddenly became aware that i was being watched by stone snake. i looked closer and saw a PRESS HERE button, i casually pressed the button and found myself falling through the ceiling and onto my bed. My pillow case seemed to be rather bulky. I was about to inspect more carefully when the telephone rang. I hurried to get it and to my dismay it was the VULTURE REMOVAL SQUAD explaining that all of its members were on holiday in France and would be back in five years if i wanted to call then. I agreed to this and decided to go back to microwaving chili peppers in the refrigerator.

When i finally got to sleep i had a dream the was a vulture who was flying along, cool and beautiful when it ran into a pillar.