Sunday, October 17, 2010

Falling off the boat is bad.

No really, I am serious. Many of you might be thinking "Wow, that Agent Pizza guy has finally gone round the bend". In fact, I thought that very thought as I thought to my self while walking around a corner this morning. As you may have surmised, "corner" is a codename for "bend" that I like to use to throw people off. Anyway, where was I? Oh shoot, I think the code is too effective... Oh well. I will choose another random topic:


Yes, rocks. Sadly enough, rocks are a under-mis-de-badly represented topic in today's internet age, and I though we might all take a step back into the stone age for a moment...

Oh dang, I think I just stepped off the edge (of the boat). Well, in these few seconds I have to type this, I will submit it. See you all later.

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