Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disaster; e pluribus unum

My greetings to you all,

I do not know or guess if you have been following the latest news on our blog. I created this blog 2 years ago in order articulate and inform to you what was to happen on out trip. As you may have surmised this trip has gotten, well a bit longer than we had hoped. I hope you understand.

Now! To this week's post! We had rounded the corner of a bay marked 'rugg' when I sensed a disturbance. In this blog you may rememer a certain.. well penguin. named Gusto. He is, well uhh, very well liked by the crew and we always try to the best of our ability to make him feel welcome. Agent Pizza even made him a heated bed! You may have heard about this, but unfortunatly Gusto destroy it claiming it was an oven. Wow. I know I felt bad for poor Agent. His gift smashed and burned when he had really meant well.

Chizu and I tried to cheer him up.

We bought him 400 volumes of Sherry's boat handbook and one volume of Boat Polish: All you want to know and way more. Agent likes these kinds of games. We were pretty impressed with our selves for coming up with it for him. So we got up early and dumped them all over the deck and buried the boat polish bok deep in the middle. Then we went back to bed nad must have overslept because we woke up and it was a few minutes later. So Agent sais to use the portkey and we did. Then Zora found here pillow stuffed with a vulture, and well that was pretty much the end of it. Except the beginning which was cool

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