Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Return of the Transmission!

Oh dear! Recently, we have been contacted by another stranger, who seems to be going by the codename of "SalAdSpinnEr11". Chizu was the one who received the call, again, and she called the ship's crew together. We decided to answer this strange radio transmission, so here is the conversation:

MInsrstrng: This is the vessel of Chizu, Erendira, Agent Pizza, Nadine, Zora, and the most adorable penguins in the world. Are you there?
SalAdSpinnEr11: Hello, anyone there? Do you have a shovel?
MInsrstrng: No, no shovels aboard.
SalAdSpinnEr11: HA! You just gave away that you are on a boat or vessel of some kind!
MInsrstrng: Well, yes, that happens to be the case. What's yo point, huh?
SalAdSpinnEr11: I am not going to say ANY MORE. That would alert you to the fact that I am planning to invade your boat.
MInsrstrng: Why are you planning to invade our boat?
MInsrstrng: Uh... never mind. Just answer the question.
SalAdSpinnEr11: Well, okay. You see, I don't have a shovel.
MInsrstrng: HONK! *radio static* Sorry that was Zora.
MInsrstrng: Anyway, we just said that we don't have a shovel.
SalAdSpinnEr11: I know.
MInsrstrng: Then why are you invading our ship?
SalAdSpinnEr11: To look for a shovel.
MInsrstrng: But we don't have a shovel!
SalAdSpinnEr11: Are you trying to confuse me? This is getting me nowhere! Just tell me your coordinates!
MInsrstrng: We are at 0, 0 latitude and whatever that other one is.
SalAdSpinnEr11: Okay thanks, glad to know that you guys are such good navigators! I will be there shortly!

The false coordinates were of course my ingenious idea. Hopefully, he has been thrown off the trail, but since Zora has been regularly dropping large fluorescent buoys in the water behind the ship, I am not hopeful. Well, at least we have the pirate procedure.

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