Monday, January 5, 2009

Colloqueel: The second day

We set off with a great wind and hardly any caterpillar infestations which was good because Eréndira said they were bad for her seeds. We established cabins and it looks like this: Soon we came upon an island called Archipelago. Agent Pizza volunteered to go explore. While he was gone Zora decided that we should do something useful. Chizu volunteered that we make Gusto a perch. We agreed and went to work carving and cutting. When we were done we thought for a while and decided the ship was too plain. We decorated it so it looked like a traveling circus. Eréndira and I painted murals on the walls of monkeys and elephants, while Zora and Chizu hung tent-like sculptures all around. After that, Zora thought we should hang a picture of a pizza somewhere. We decided against that idea because there wasn't any snow. Chizu went in to the town and bought some tap shoes for Gusto, who ate them at once. Then we played a few hands of cards.

Agent Pizza returned and, upon seeing the ship, promptly fell into the sea. On Chizu's command, Gusto jumped in after him, but got out again because he was allergic to peanut butter. We had to use a sea pole to drag him out(We wanted to use the North Pole, but Chizu wouldn't let us). Agent Pizza was sopping wet and just stared up at the ship. A tiger grinned back at him. Finally, he decided to pet Gusto and later to join us in cards.

After that the Agent disappeared for a while. We went looking for him and found a patch of snow. Zora exclaimed and put up the picture of the pizza. We all admired it for awhile. Then, the Agent appeared and cried out in shock. He expressed his surprise for the picture and was amazed we hadn't decorated it with cupcake photos. Chizu thought that was a good idea, but then Zora chucked her into our toadstool inventory. She didn't like that although I could instantly tell there was too many barometers.

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