Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day Number XIIII

Well, the day in which we have all been waiting has come! Day number fourteen. When I thought of what would happen on that day, I did not expect any of this! A very interesting occurrence occurred and I am not sure I want to divulge to you what this was. I don't have too much patience so I will have to tell you.

We were journeying through the jungles of Peru at the time. We were all on deck watching the mysterious creatures of the Amazon do there job, except Zora and Agent Pizza. The Agent has a phobia of Ficus Trees, and told us he was making an invisible train shelter. Zora, on the other hand, was polishing her horn. Anyway, on the main deck me(Eréndira), Nadine and Chizu were observing the rain forest. We saw many interesting things including a squirrel, nine gorillas, and a cactus. These are the obvious things you would see in a rain forest but there was one unusual thing.

This was a large tree with a sign that said Professor M. Coraliggon(CoR-i-Li-Jen). I had heard the name before and I knew it. Before I could tell the others a darkness fell upon the forest and a single spotlight fell on a strange looking man. He began to dance a dance I recognized as "Call of the seed". That is when I realized where I had seen this man. He was my seven year Seed Professor. This was the guy who had taught me the ins and outs of seeds. And his famous quote told on radios all over the world: "I am always planting seeds, and when I am not planting, I am always planting seeds." At this point I grabbed a hockey stick from the Agents collection and handed it out to the Professor. He clutched it and was flung onto Gusto's perch. Gusto said"a;woeijfklenoasknpeownf"(Gustoian for: Get off my perch, you little cactus napper!) The professor considered him for a moment and then proclaimed "Why, it is the little duck that I found". I was amazed at his pronouncement and immediately started clapping. Nadine and Chizu joined me.

I heard a sound and Agent Pizza arrived and exclaimed "Who is the train thief that has stolen my best wig?"

To be continued........................


Griifndajkl said...


SAKL? >>SJKE?!@#$LFPS!>**


Hannah said...

Hi Aaron. Last time I saw you, you had less spots!