Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 4, the day of squid, bananas, and cream cheese

I think it is time I explained why today, day 4, is not 4 days after the start of our voyage. That is a strange fact, and I often wonder why. There are 3 possible explanations. One, the atmospheric content around our ship may be at a low level, due to extended calligraphy, therefore causing a wake of point six shallos. Hopefully, that unnatural phenomenon isn't the cause, as time would move a lot slower. The second explanation is that time has passed all ready, but we are filling you in late. The third explanation is that I don't care, and I refuse to discuss it further. Anyway, I will now tell you about day 4 of our trip.

First, we woke up in the morning to discover a horrible moaning noise. Looking around, we discovered a bunch of seagulls who had broken into Zora's trumpet supply, but were playing horribly off-pitch. After shooing them away, we were extremely bored. Chizu wanted to make a nest for Gusto, but no one heard her, since at that moment, Eréndira let out an explosive sneeze. Everybody looked at her, but she was running at top speed towards the cabins. When she came back, she had a strange contraption shaped like a kettle with horns. She pushed a button and three things came out. If you read the title, you might guess that the items were squid, bananas, and cream cheese. Strangly enough, those were not the items. Instead, there was an earplug, a chandelier, and and a chocolate boomerang. Then, We all promptly ran into the cabin and did various things for the rest of the day. THE END!


Eréndira said...

Wow! sounds interesting! I wasn't awre of the chocoalte boomerang, but they are visible to only those that see them. I bet that was it!

Anonymous said...

This is me from the lone wolf blog.

Doughnut factory.


Nadine said...

Oh my gosh. It is clear to me that you have no sense of randomness. That moment was very close to my heart! I can't believe you would think it was less than it is, but I guess some people are just like that.

When I commented on your blog I was fresh from an interview about that same moment. I was quite overwhelmed with it, but I guess you are the type who would make fun of someone who has had highly great moments in one's life.