Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Day!

How Strange! Today is our first day of the journey. I have parted from Encyclophobaticsburg, after recently finishing a phone system (I figured that since we only had 5,426 phone lines, we could use another). Nadine arrived 2 seconds before our boat left, and was rather tired. It appeared as though she had just run a long way, and I later found out she had forgotten until the last minute. Chizu and her penguin have been here for a while, and are impatient. Eréndira arrived at the same time as the rest of us. Here is a list of when everyone arrived:

Chizu (and her penguin Gusto) arrived a long time ago and are impatient.

Me (Agent Pizza) and Eréndira got here just a few days ago, and we are the only ones on schedule, yet our trips were very long. Maybe that is why Eréndira is walking around quacking.

Zora came... well I'm not sure when Zora came, but she was just here.

Nadine just arrived, and is very late.

We have set off with two bananas, three barrels of fresh water, and a Pencil. Eréndira brought 4,000 packs of seeds, but she is sad because there isn't any soil in the ocean. All we have seen so far is a seal who was wandering near the bay. It took us nine days to pack those provisions, so I hope they last. If they don't, we will be landing in five weeks. If the food runs out before then, wel... Let's just say Gusto looks mighty tasty...

Yes, today is a rather boring day, because we just launched, so it might get better soon.


Chizu said...

Excuse Me! Gusto is very angry. Here he is:

alks 'pwj ['we jlz,xj ds op'[a;dje

He can't type too well.
Well he is very angry! I smelled it.


Cornelia De longopelt said...

You are a pest.