Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2 (my point of view)

Humph. Today has been really strange so far. First, we were sailing, minding our own business, when what should appear, but a drop of water! I mean, You might think it was the same as all those around us, but NO! it was actually made out of one hydrogen and two oxygen atoms! So, this little stinker came up onto our boat (a wave pushed it) and splashed across the deck! It was really weird, and Nadine said "wow...". Oh well. I digress.

Next, we came across a small archipelago. It was nice, but there were so many trees we couldn't see much. Somehow, I was chosen to explore, while the others sat around and played cards. So, I jumped off the boat, swam a little ways, and came onto a beach. I discovered an asphalt path, and followed it into the jungle. As I was pondering why there was asphalt on a small island in the middle of nowhere, I discovered a mango. When I picked it up, it had a carving etched on it. Thinking that it might be a sacred mango, I put it back, although it did seem strange that there would be a sacred mango laying on the side of a path. Going deeper, I discovered a town. I decided that the gate was a little too weird, so I turned and walked down a different path, which was more natural and looked as though it had been made by Native Islanders. I came across a gathering of tents, and discovered an old man with a hat that resembled a tissue box chanting spells around a campfire. When he saw me, he spoke:

"We are the real people of this isle. The town is the settler's creation, and they have begun to pollute our forests. The only thing they are interested in is selling Tap Shoes." With that, he promptly turned into a Siamese cat and walked off. In the tents, I found piles of junk. Some things were native, like bananas, some were not, like bowling balls, and some were the traditional things found in piles of junk, like dirty socks. I left as soon as possible, and decided that the island was too weird. When I came back to the ship, though, I fell in the water, and a tiger grinned at me. Afterward, I played cards with the others, and secretly put some snow in the hallway, which convinced them to put up a picture of a Pizza.

That concludes... whatever it concludes. Bye!

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Nadine said...

Very good! You know the tiger that smiled at you was a mural painted by Chizu and me! We sure were tricked into getting that picture of a pizza!