Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 99 divided by 33

Well, Hi! This is Chizu (CHiT-zOo or ChEeZe-oooooooo). I am here to report what I think happened on the third day of our voyage. We slept that day in a mill. The boat broke down, you see. Ok, there was a minor leak in Eréndira's cabin. Gusto saved our lives by fixing it. We all gathered to look at what a great job he did. Well, everyone except Agent Pizza because he claimed he had to do some tests on sardine specimens. We were all looking at the old hole in Eréndira's cabin, which looked like it had been taped together with one strip of scotch tape. Eréndira expressed some doubts about the safety of Gusto's expensive patch job. Everyone else thought it was brilliant and applauded him profusely, or maybe that was just me.

After Gusto's moment of brilliance, Agent Pizza made him an expressly warm and comfortable bed. Gusto was amazed and very confused, because he and the Agent Pizza are not too friendly with each other(Google "World War III" for details). He gave Agent Pizza a Penguin hug, to which the Agent gave a weak smile. He ran out of the room and I heard a gagging kind of sound. I was about to go investigate, when a eardrum-removing explosion occur outside. We all gathered around the deck to look. The mill we had spent the night was in ruins. The Agent returned and mumbled something about his Sardine Specimen backfiring.

We all gaped at him in surprise. Gusto even dropped his muffler. Then something horrible happened, the Agent said "Sardine Pox" and collapsed. We all knelt down and took his pulse. Gusto called the hospital, but dialed the wrong number and ordered a pizza. Eréndira grabbed the phone from Gusto and in the process knocked Gusto into the sea.

To be continued...

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