Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ouchie Ouchie Koala dance, bring me a turnip full of rice!

Alright, before I say anything, you must know that the title is the song of a native tribe we met today, and is not to be confused with the song about a Louisiana Trout. Anyway, let me tell you about this day in Voyaging? history.

We were kind of short on supplies, but due to that tiny hurricane, we aren't quite at our scheduled stop yet, and we were hungry. We all decided to stop on a small island in the middle of the sea, and On it there was a tribe of natives who were always dancing. They greeted us by singing "Ouchie Ouchie Koala dance, bring me a turnip full of rice!" We were very baffled by this strange behaviour, until a large mountain gorilla told us to pet the small bottle of marmalade. Everybody was wondering what was going on, when the mountain gorilla unzipped himself, and we realized it was a costume. After that, We bought supplies and ran to the ship as fast as possible. Sadly, the ship was gone, and we were very sad until an oar appeared with a message.

"You're boat has been stolen by pirates. Go to the southern end of the island and place a bag of gold there, and we will return your ship"

I was very annoyed, and so I pulled out my expandable private jet, and before anybody could ask, I flew over to the pirates and gave them a lecture. By the end, they were all asleep, and I was so taken aback I threw them and my jet into the ocean and drive the ship around the isle. Everybody should have thanked me, but instead they asked me what took so long. I noticed that It was the next day, and Everybody boarded the boat. I then went to my cabin and skulked for half an hour before Nadine came in to give me a lecture about lectures. I hastily tried to hide the plans for a new and improved penguin boiler, but she saw them anyway and turned into a pickle. I was really tired then, so I fell asleep. I can't tell you what happened next, because that would spoil it.


Agent Pizza said...

This is horrible Grammer! you should have done better, Agent Pizza. Oh wait, I am agent Pizza. And yes, I was typing fast, so sorry!

Nadine said...

um.,agent;o i cn't type bcase im stil a piccle. how do i go bck?

Cornelia DeLongopelt said...

My goodness, the quality of this blog is right at the floor, the very bottom. Actualluy I think it is below the basement. You must shut it down at once! How can you think this is funny? It is all codswallop!