Friday, January 30, 2009

Hot Dog Silver and the Pirate Raid!!!!

You might have wondered why we haven't posted for so long. Our computer was stolen and just returned. I am proud to have been selected as the informer out of such a populous mission!

The truth is, we got attacked by pirates. They came during the night, and only Agent Pizza heard them because he had been working on some diagram. He lept up sending his drawing flying into his turkey roaster (or at least that's what it looks like, I don't know if that is what it is for. He says he keeps it for recreational purposes.) Anyway he rang th efirebell and we all leaped out of our bunks and did the standard procedure for fire drills; Jump into the nearest waste basket and pretend you are a piece of trash. It works every time.

To all of our surprise, this didn't stop the pirates, and they steam rollered onto our ship. The lead pirate stepped forward and pulled out a few note cards. I figured he didn't like presenting because he began to sweat and his voice quivered. He said"He-llo, mmy name is Long John Silver". Then he switched note cards and said "And this is my nephew Hot Dog Silver" He changed them again "We are here to take your ship, so please leave and then we can take it." He looked up expectantly at us and then whispered "You are supposed to say 'Here is our boat, you can have it, we do not need it anymore.' " We all stared blankly at the pirate and his nephew. Then Long John Silver gave us a note card that said "Here is our boat, you can have it, we do not need it anymore". Zora began reading it, but then Agent Pizza grabbed it out of her hands and threw it off the ship. Chizu said "How will we know what our lines are?". The agent looked very mad(At least I think he was because there was steam coming out of his ears) and said "You can get off our ship now, we happen to need it at the moment."

The nephew, Hot Dog Silver, said "Ok", and dragged his uncle off the ship. It was quite happy moment. We all high-fived and exclaimed about our cleverness of getting them off the ship. "I thought we were going to die" said Chizu. The agent, meanwhile, had attached his beach ball skis to his feet and was crazily skiing towards the pirates. I had a pretty good idea what he was doing. He hadn't given anyone a lecture since yesterday. That is quite a long time for him. In a simultaneous motion we all ran away out of hearing distance. We didn't want a nap this early in the day.

That is what happened today so far. Hopefully the pirates won't return, but you never know! Bye, and a pleasant sea voyage to you, if you are taking one!


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