Saturday, January 17, 2009

Introducing Zora

Hi my name is Zora and I talk in Honkish. Why I talk in honkish is a strange and griping tale.And now I shall tell it.... Ahem ahem ahem!

My mother was called Madam Quacker though her name was Duckuss Elizabeth the 508th. She preferred madam Quacker for obvious reasons. I mean to say it would sound a little strange to hear "hello Madam Duckuss Elizabeth the 507th i mean 508th" every minute of every day. So she went to Washington DC to see the President of soap that her name be changed. So now she is known as Madam Quacker.

But why did she want to be known as madam Quacker. You see she had this fondness for ducks. She had fifty ducks herself so she insisted on naming me after a duck, but there was to many ducks in her duck pen so she said she would throw a log down in the middle of them. The ducks that were on the right of the log she would chose my name from.

So she went out and stubbed her toe on a log which seemed big enough. She threw the log down in the middle of the herd of ducks. This scared 45 of the ducks so much that they flew into the air and were scoped into a giant net by a duck helicopter and flown to France. 5 ducks remand( Henrieta the third, Zora, Turnips, Ellis and Portopan) Madam Quacker pointed at each of them and said Eni-meani-mini-med-catch a duckling by its head-if it gets you-go to bed-open the freezer and get some ice- that is my advise! Her finger stooped not on Henrieta the third(thank goodness) not on Portopan,Ellis or Turnips, but on Zora. So my name is Zora.



Chizu said...
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Chizu said...

Wow, you are really brave! I couldn't have done that! The bravest thing I ever did was face 10 cougars at once single handedly. But you were braver! I could never have said no to a toothpick the way you did! Way to go Zora!-Chizu

A Khudori Soleh said...

nice post. salam