Friday, January 2, 2009

How I got There

13:06(PST):Well, we are going at last! I was rather late to arrive, but I just couldn't stand to part with Loch Ness Monster. Ok if you must know, The, er, the date slipped my mind, but it really isn't that big of a mistake seeing as I had a lot else on my mind such as donuts. You might wonder how I got to the port so fast, when I only realized we were going one hour before we left. That is a secret I have not even told our crew. You see, I was running around in a panic, really worried that I would miss the trip, when old, but not forgotten Carmo Del Suit came by(If you don't remember, he was the guy that dumped all the garbage on me in Encyclophobaticsburg). I was surprised to see him so far from his home.

Well, it turned out he felt bad about dumping all the garbage on me and wanted to do me a favor to make up for what he had done. I leaped to my feet and realized that I hadn't brushed my teeth. I ran home and back and when I returned he was still there. He inquired,"So, what can I help you with Nadump?" I didn't stop to correct him on my name, and told him in a rush,"Is there anyway you can get me to Alaska in 45 minutes?". He said "What?" I repeated the question, but slower. He though for a moment, then clapped his hands and started doing some native dance. I waited politely then stomped really loud and he went careening into a dump truck.

He wasn't too happy when he came back to me. "Use the donut factory,"he said with the impression of faded excitement. "Huh?" I asked. He beckoned me to the donut factory which was an exact replica of the famous one in Encyclophobaticsburg. We walked in and Carmo Del Suit grabbed the nice donut guy and hurled him into a truck that said Exports to China. Then he grabbed me and put me on top of the donut cranker. He cranked for about ten minutes until, apparently there was enough crank. Then he let go. I went flying over three continents and after a blur of color, I was shoved into some bus yard. I hoped I was in Alaska, but I couldn't be sure.

I got up gingerly and someone came up and asked me if I wanted to buy a stethoscope. I ignored them and turned the corner, and sighed in relief because it said Palodingle Alaskan National Shipyard/Port. Then I saw Agent Pizza looking incredibly grumpy. He gave me a long lecture about being on time, in which I caught up on lost sleep. Then we got up on the boat and I saw this lady, who was apparently the governor of Alaska(as Eréndira told me). The Governor came up and gave Eréndira a shell which she was very excited about. She promptly stole The Agents' laptop and updated her blog. She must have written a lot.

Well, that is the first day in my eyes and the second day will supposedly come after the first day, which, if my calculations are correct will be tomorrow. Bye, and good luck.


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